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  • Campagne “Ça Balance, 10 ans”.

    Campagne “Ça Balance, 10 ans”.

    Cet été j’ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec les Zaza’s sur la campagne des 10 ans de “Ça Balance”. Ça Balance est un programme […]

  • Portrait Photography

    Portrait Photography

    Here is a selection of portraits i have taken.

  • Insomnie (director: O. Laval)

    Insomnie (director: O. Laval)

    Here is a short made in Communication Technology school on which i was camera operator and film editor: “Insomnie” directed by Olivier Laval. Voici un […]

  • Pet Photography

    Pet Photography

    I love shooting pets. Sometimes i shoot them from far away, sometimes in close up. I shoot their little paws, their eyes, their tails, … […]

  • Movie Set Photography

    Movie Set Photography

    Movie set Photography / Photographie de plateaux de cinéma I really enjoy taking photography on movie set or video production. In this thread i propose […]

  • Retour à la Source

    Retour à la Source

    Ce film a été retrouvé au milieu de la forêt Ardennaise, dans ce qui restait d’une caméra. La gendarmerie, entre-temps, récupéra la bande et put […]

  • Bleeping Relics

    Bleeping Relics

    I know, right… i am a geek. Bleeping Relics is a fresh new web series i am launching. It is about reviewing, with philosophy, vintage […]

  • Some Hi8 / Digital8 amateur shorts

    Some Hi8 / Digital8 amateur shorts

    Here are some of my old amateurs film or new attempt of editing old hi8/d8 rushes i made back in the days with some friends […]


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