Category: Photography

  • Portrait Photography

    Portrait Photography

    Here is a selection of portraits i have taken.

  • Abstract and expressionist photography

    Abstract and expressionist photography

    Some composition or accident that occured to me in the field of photographic experiment. I have included some macros as well.

  • Events / Exhibitions / Shows Photography

    Events / Exhibitions / Shows Photography

    When i do event photography, i always do my best to use the available light instead of a flash. Ambient light is part of the […]

  • Pet Photography

    Pet Photography

    I love shooting pets. Sometimes i shoot them from far away, sometimes in close up. I shoot their little paws, their eyes, their tails, … […]

  • Movie Set Photography

    Movie Set Photography

    Movie set Photography / Photographie de plateaux de cinéma I really enjoy taking photography on movie set or video production. In this thread i propose […]


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