• Babimost (Director: Phil Maggi)

    Babimost (Director: Phil Maggi)

    My first collaboration with director Phil Maggi as film-editor Voici ma première collaboration avec le réalisateur Phil Maggi en tant que monteur Starring: Vincent Pagacz […]

  • Les Zaza’s rencontrent Wes Mackey

    Les Zaza’s rencontrent Wes Mackey

    “Le musicien Wes Mackey, qui a cotoyé les plus grands noms du blues, dont John Lee Hooker et Muddy Waters, était de passage à Liège […]

  • Campagne “Ça Balance, 10 ans”.

    Campagne “Ça Balance, 10 ans”.

    Cet été j’ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec les Zaza’s sur la campagne des 10 ans de “Ça Balance”. Ça Balance est un programme […]

  • Portrait Photography

    Portrait Photography

    Here is a selection of portraits i have taken.

  • Abstract and expressionist photography

    Abstract and expressionist photography

    Some composition or accident that occured to me in the field of photographic experiment. I have included some macros as well.

  • Speedpainting fun

    Speedpainting fun

    Speedpaints are rough painting made in a short time, it’s better if it’s less than 1h. You just draw and paint freely without worrying too […]

  • Insomnie (director: O. Laval)

    Insomnie (director: O. Laval)

    Here is a short made in Communication Technology school on which i was camera operator and film editor: “Insomnie” directed by Olivier Laval. Voici un […]

  • Events / Exhibitions / Shows Photography

    Events / Exhibitions / Shows Photography

    When i do event photography, i always do my best to use the available light instead of a flash. Ambient light is part of the […]

  • Pet Photography

    Pet Photography

    I love shooting pets. Sometimes i shoot them from far away, sometimes in close up. I shoot their little paws, their eyes, their tails, … […]


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